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SolderPro 180 Multifunction Soldering Gun
SolderPro 180 Multifunction Soldering Gun
High power 180W automatic ignition multi-function heat tool.
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Solderpro 180 Kit
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Solderpro 180 Kit
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$179.00  $161.00

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Featuring the Pro 180, auto-ignition pistol grip tool with unique LEC technology (in the power range 30W-185W). Four spare tips, side cutters, cleaning sponge, flux and tip cleaning brush. All packed in a strong, blow-molded double skinned carrying case.


  • 1.8mm Conical Tip
  • 3.4mm Chisel Tip
  • Blow Torch Head
  • 2 refillable LECs
  • Hot Air Blower with Deflector
  • Stainless Steel Cleaning Brush
  • Solder Sucker Tool
  • Wire Cutters
  • Coil of Solder
  • Tub of Flux
  • Tip Cleaning Sponge
  • Spare Orifice Assembly
  • Heavy Duty Professional Case
  • Spare Parts Compartment
  • Complete Instructions
  • Automotive and truck repairs
  • Aviation service and repair
  • Heavy gauge wires and ground rods
  • Field repairs
  • Communication tower work
  • Industrial cable repairs and installation
  • Brazing up to 1300°C/2400°F
  • Installation of Heat Shrink and Heat Shrink Connectors
  • Loosen rusted nuts and bolts
  • Activate potting compounds and soften caulking
  • Paint and varnish removal

Exclusive LEC™ Power. Safely travels anywhere without hazard. Cordless, simple and safe to operate in almost any conditions. Ready to use in 30 seconds after ignition. Four function tips change in seconds for Soldering, Torch, Hot Blower, Hot Knife. Removable LEC™ contains power for up to 120 minutes use. Recharge LEC™ from butane fuel available almost anywhere. Self-standing for ease of use.

Length w/Soldering tip203 mm (8 in)
Weight (when gas-filled)560 g
Approximate temperature soldering tip250∼550°C (480∼1000°F)
Torch1300°C (2400°F)
Gas container capacity40 ml (LEC)
Operating capacity (one gas filling)100 min. at mid setting
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