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Reprinted with permission from March 1995 QST; copyright ARRL

CURE FOR STRIPPED SCREW HEADS Everyone has experienced the frustration of trying to remove a stubborn Phillips-head screw that's frozen so that the more you try to turn it, the more you mangle and round out its slots until no screwdriver can get a grip on it. Then you usually have to try using needlenose pliers, dikes or a chisel to rip the thing out with brute force. Usually you end up with a mess - a destroyed screw and perhaps a chipped or cracked panel... and sometimes a bloody knuckle, to boot. The Solder-It Company has a brand new product that could end these problems forever: ScrewGrab is an extraordinary liquid compound that gives your tools "bite" on rounded or badly stripped-out Phillips, machine, wood, self tapping and set screws; wrenches; vise grips; pliers; bolts; hex keys; hex cap screws and hex nuts. The manufacturer claims 400% increased grip between screwdriver and screw. Hands-on testing in the ARRL Lab and by other HQ staff members had eyes popping when a mutilated screw locked in a vise wouldn't budge until we applied one drop of this remarkable liquid to the former "X" on the screw head. Then, bingo, we could feel the slightly gritty compound helping the screwdriver take hold to make it possible to twist the screw. ScrewGrab is odorless and non-toxic, works instantly, wipes clean (no staining), won't harden or irritate skin. It has an unlimited shelf life -- put this in your toolbox! Retail price for a 0.5 ounce tube is $6.00 postpaid.

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